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What causes high volatility?

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Without volatility in the financial market, profitability would be impossible. High volatility in financial markets can be caused by various factors, including economic events, political developments, and changes in the sentiment of investors.

Some common causes of high volatility include:

  1. Economic news and data releases: Economic news releases such as NFP, GDP, inflation, and employment data can impact market sentiment and lead to volatility in the prices of financial instruments.

  2. Political developments: Political events such as elections, changes in government policy, and international relations can also affect market investors' sentiment and cause volatility in financial markets.

  3. Company news: News about individual companies, such as earnings reports or announcements of mergers and acquisitions, can impact the prices of their stocks and lead to volatility in the overall market.

  4. Central bank actions: Monetary policy decisions by central banks, such as changes in interest rates or quantitative easing programs, can cause the prices of currencies and other financial instruments or assets and lead to volatility.

  5. Market sentiment: Your overall mood as an investor and trader can also result in either low or high market volatility. Fear and uncertainty can lead to selling pressure, while optimism and confidence can lead to buying pressure.

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It is important to note that high volatility creates opportunities for investors and traders to profit, but it can also lead to significant losses if you fail to apply risk management strategies properly. Always review economic calendars to stay informed about the factors that can cause volatility and to manage their positions accordingly.

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