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Does forex trading tools matter in trading?

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A trading tools is a instrument or application that helps traders and investors to automate your trading activities. These tools can be used in both online and in-person trading. Some of the most common trading tools include: computer programs that help you to organize your trading data, spreadsheet programs that help you to manage your trading portfolio, online trading platforms that allow you to trade on your own time, and automated trading software that helps you to make more efficient and profitable Trading.

However in trading due to the increase in technological advancement, developer has been able to integrate software and applications that helps traders and investors to trade at their convenient time and from anywhere in the world provided they have a reliable internet connections.

Trading journal:

Enable investors and traders to put down their observation and thoughts in one platform when trading and also allow them to easily access it remind them of what actions they took.

Charting platform:

This allows investors and traders to analyze the market price and identify potential entry point with a low risk and high reward. Trading tools are great tools traders shouldn't play with, it help and enables traders and investors to maximize their time and trading capital.

I hope this helps! feel free to ask questions anytime.